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​​​​pay per click (PPC) marketing

PPC Marketing: How To Pinpoint And Engage Your Ideal Audience

Pay per click (PPC) marketing can be a useful online marketing tool if you know how to use it properly. Since you only pay for the clicks you get, a PPC marketing campaign can be a good barometer of how your target audience is engaging with what you’re putting out. However, you might need some expert assistance to get the most value for your money.

The highly targeted nature of PPC marketing makes it convenient for reaching a specific niche audience effectively, while its immediate nature lets you gauge the results of your efforts swiftly.

Here are some useful tips for getting that crucial aspect right.

Keyword Targeting

Using keyword research tools to identify the specific phrases and words your target market uses when searching for your products and services is the most basic thing to get right in a PPC campaign.

This ensures that your ads will appear to the right people online, who are already looking for what you’re offering.

Audience Segmentation

A common PPC ad campaign mistake is to take a one-ad-fits-all approach, pushing the same exact ad to everyone who hits the right keywords.

However, by further segmenting your audience based on demographics, interests, behaviours, and other relevant factors, you can then craft more personalised ads for each segment.

Geographical Targeting

Some might say this is a part of audience segmentation, but it is important enough to mention it separately.

Geotargeting is crucial because it helps you narrow down your target audience to an ideal location. This is particularly important if your business can only serve a certain area. If you have several branches serving different areas, then your geotargeted ads should be customised to relate to those specific areas based on the searcher’s tagged location.


Remarketing, or retargeting, your target audience is an aspect of PPC marketing that is often overlooked but is highly effective.

This approach sees your ads being pushed once again to individuals who may have previously engaged with your website or have indicated interest in some way. This tactic is useful for keeping your brand’s product or service offering top of mind as the user contemplates making a purchase.

If you’re looking for help getting a fantastic ​​​​pay per click (PPC) marketing campaign off the ground that yields results, contact us at Strategi Marketing Group today. We provide expert digital marketing services that are guaranteed to boost your online profile.

​​​​pay per click (PPC) marketing
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