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Social Media Marketing: Conquer All Platforms Or Only A Few?

If you want to hire a social media marketing agency to help you improve your brand’s visibility, then you no doubt have asked yourself the question: Which social media platforms should I endeavour to conquer? Should I go for all of them or only focus on a few?

Here at Strategi Marketing Group, we firmly believe that a more narrow approach, which targets only a few key social media platforms, is the best way to go about it.

Here are some of the reasons why.

Greater Audience Relevance And Engagement

Spreading your social media marketing strategy too widely can reduce the degree to which it is relevant to your target audience and, consequently, the level of engagement that it can accrue.

Different social media platforms tend to attract different types of demographics and different types of user behaviours. Take the time to understand which social media platforms host the most relevant demographics to your brand’s target market and then to concentrate your efforts on those platforms so that you can reach your target audience more efficiently.

Optimised Resource Allocation

If you’re attempting to manage a wide spread of social media platforms at the same time, it can be resource-intensive, using up a lot of time, manpower, and financial investment.

However, by narrowing your focus to concentrate on only a select few social media platforms, you can ensure that those same resources are used to much greater effect and that you can maintain a more consistent presence.

This means that the quality of your content on these platforms will also be improved, as you can tailor them to meet the target audience more directly and invest more in them.

Better Brand Messaging Consistency And Clarity

Spreading your focus across too many platforms can dilute the consistency and clarity of your messaging. However, by focusing on only a few key strategic social media platforms, you can better maintain your brand identity and ensure consistent messaging across the chosen channels.

This is very important for helping you build brand recognition and establish a trusting relationship with your audience. It also helps you to avoid diluting the message or confusing followers when you have inconsistent or conflicting content across different platforms.

Here at Strategi Marketing Group, we are a premier social media marketing agency that can help ensure that your online brand visibility is maximised through carefully considered strategic positioning and targeting. Get in touch with us today to start forming a world-class social media marketing strategy as soon as possible.

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